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  1. Synonyms for field at ciebisicomwebsmsikworldrovhanfifoca.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for field.
  2. field: [noun] an open land area free of woods and buildings. an area of land marked by the presence of particular objects or features. an area of cleared enclosed land used for cultivation or pasture. land containing a natural resource. airfield. a large unbroken expanse (as of ice).
  3. ESC is a powerful server-based field service management software with over 30, users. Click below to learn more about our flagship product, ESC by FieldEdge (formerly dESCO).
  4. ‘The field artillery could develop GPS munitions that could work in a similar fashion.’ ‘Therefore, the idea is to make the field artillery a one-round, one-kill combat arm.’ ‘The unit assembled at Fort Sill recently to test all aspects of their field artillery skills.’.
  5. field definition: 1. an area of land, used for growing crops or keeping animals, usually surrounded by a fence: 2. a. Learn more.
  6. 71 synonyms of field from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for field. Field: a small area of usually open land.
  7. field (fēld) n. 1. a. A broad, level, open expanse of land. b. A meadow: cows grazing in a field. c. A cultivated expanse of land, especially one devoted to a particular crop: a field of corn. d. A portion of land or a geologic formation containing a specified natural resource: a copper field. e. A wide unbroken expanse, as of ice. 2. a. A battleground.
  8. The Field Museum fuels a journey of discovery across time to enable solutions for a brighter future rich in nature and culture. Anchor: #learning-at-home Learning at Home. Activities for families at home will get you thinking (and jumping!) outside the box. Games, Projects, and More.

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