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  1. Condemnation is the legal process utilized by the government to seize property via eminent domain. Eminent domain is often used to acquire property for projects such as highways, railways.
  2. A condemnation is the process by which private property is legally taken for public use without the owner's consent. The property may be taken by the federal government, a state government, a political subdivision, or a private organization that has the power to legally take it.
  3. Condemnation can refer either to the legal status of liability to punishment or to the actual infliction of that punishment. At times the word is also used in a broader context to refer to negative evaluations of a person by peers or by one's own conscience.
  4. Examples of condemnation in a Sentence The plan has drawn condemnation from both sides. The government's statement was a condemnation of all acts of terrorism. Recent Examples on the .
  5. Condemn definition, to express an unfavorable or adverse judgment on; indicate strong disapproval of; censure. See more.
  6. Condemnation is always a lie for anyone in Christ. Conviction. Conviction in most ways is the opposite of condemnation. Conviction is high-definition clarity, helpful and hopeful. Condemnation can feel like a cloud of shame hanging over your whole being that you can’t even explain. Conviction is .
  7. Condemnation of The Condemnation of was issued by the provincial synod of Sens, which included the Bishop of Paris as a member (at the time Pierre II de la Chapelle). The writings of a number of medieval scholars were condemned, apparently for pantheism, and it was further stated that: "Neither the books of Aristotle on natural philosophy or their commentaries are to be read at.
  8. “Condemnation” is a song by Depeche Mode, released as the group’s twenty-ninth UK single on 13 September (14 September in the US), and the third single from their album Songs of Faith.

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