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  1. to move or run with bounding steps, as a quadruped, or with a long, easy stride, as a person. to canter leisurely with a rather long, easy stride, as a horse. verb (used with object), loped, lop·ing. to cause to lope.
  2. Lope is a drama film directed by Andrucha Waddington and released on September 3, The film is a co-production between Spain and Brazil, inspired in the youth of Lope de ciebisicomwebsmsikworldrovhanfifoca.xyzinfoed by: Andrucha Waddington.
  3. lope along To run, glide, or bound onward with a long, swinging stride. The deer loped along, blissfully unaware of the hunter putting it in his sights. I was struggling to keep up while Tom just loped along .
  4. Slope is the ultimate running game that will put your skills to the test. Speed down on a randomized slope. The farther you go, the faster your ball travels. This game might look simple but playing this will give you extreme adrenaline rush.
  5. Price as of June 26, , p.m. EDT View Interactive LOPE Charts Grand Canyon Education Inc. is a provider of online post-secondary education services, including marketing, technology.
  6. If a person or animal lopes somewhere, they run in an easy and relaxed way, taking long steps. He was loping across the sand toward Nancy.
  7. LOPE ALERT: The Klein Law Firm Announces a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of July 13, in the Class Action Filed on Behalf of Grand Canyon Education, Inc. Limited Shareholders.
  8. LOPE has an opening for a recently retired warhorse. We are a TAA accredited aftercare charity. Our program provides long-term rest, rehab and retraining, while allowing aspiring young veterinarians and trainers to learn from the horses. We give warhorses all the time and care they need to find the right career after racing.

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