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  1. Shore is a more general word for the land along the edge of a sea, lake, or wide river. He swam towards the shore. 3. 'coast' The coast is the border between the land and the sea, or .
  2. Support, prop, as in The new law was designed to shore up banks in danger of failure. This expression derives from the noun shore, meaning “prop,” a beam or timber propped against a structure to provide support. The verb shore dates from and was first recorded in a figurative context in
  3. Royal Caribbean shore excursions make it easy to immerse yourself in each vibrant port you visit. Land tours, Europe excursions, private tours for small groups, exclusive shore trips, snorkel and scuba excursions, and more.
  4. Shore definition is - the land bordering a usually large body of water; specifically: coast. How to use shore in a sentence.
  5. Shore Sarasota restaurant. St Armands Restaurant Shore brand Restaurant Open air dining.
  6. shore up To give someone or something robust support in the face of difficulty or to prevent potential failure. A noun or pronoun can be used between "shore" and "up." Workers are trying to shore up the levee to prevent a failure. His kindness and generosity shored me up while I dealt with the aftermath of my divorce. The government's actions are meant.
  7. the land along the edge of a sea, lake, or wide river: You can walk for miles along the shore. The boat was about a mile from/off (the) shore when the engine suddenly died.

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