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Why Not

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  1. May 05,  · It’s not concrete, it’s abstract. And prevention is a difficult thing to measure." After nearly two months of quarantine, Gollan said, many people are suffering from "mental fatigue.".
  2. why not 1. Why is that not the case? What is the reason for your negative statement? A: "George has decided he's not going to join." B: "Why not?" A: "I don't like coconut." B: "Why not? Because of the texture?" 2. Yes, because there is no good reason to say no. A: "Would you like another glass of wine?" B: "Sure, why not?" See also: not, why Why not? 1.
  3. Why not - 英会話のなかでも頻繁に使われる、why not というフレーズですが、3つの意味で使い分けできていますか? Why not の3つの意味を例文で確認しましょう。スピーキング練習も忘れずにしてくだ .
  4. Explore Why Not Quotes by authors including Donald Trump, George Carlin, and George Bernard Shaw at BrainyQuote.
  5. "Sure, why not." I said we were, too, so he said why not let him take us to dinner somewhere and then all come together. The second example sounds especially wrong, and as if it's missing quotation marks.
  6. The only answer to the question Why. No matter what you say, you can always ask why. The only way to end it is by saying Why Not. Saying why after why not just doesn't make any sense!
  7. Nov 04,  · ‘Why not arrange a party in his honor?’ (This is a polite way of saying: I think we should arrange a party in his honor.) ‘Why not buy now and pay later?’ ‘Why not make it up with him?’ ‘Why not consult a specialist?’ ‘Why don’t ’ can be used in the same way. ‘Why don’t we arrange a party in his honor?’ (NOT Why.
  8. Why Clorox Might Not Have a Coronavirus-Inspired Second Act Even a second wave of COVID might not boost Clorox stock.
  9. Definition and synonyms of why not? from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of why not?.View American English definition of why not?.. Change your default dictionary to American English.

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